Annual Service Contracts

All annual services are carried out to a standard schedule unless instructed otherwise. If the manufacturers instructions are available these would be consulted.

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My service will include:

  • Isolate the gas and electrical supply to the appliance
  • Dismantle the appliance to gain access to the combustion area and controls
  • Inspection and clean.

I will check:

  • The heat exchanger surface
  • The main burner
  • The pilot burner
  • The fan, removing any dust from impeller

I will:

  • Check and replace where necessary all safety devices
  • Check all water, electrical and gas connections for soundness and safety
  • Check flueways and air intake ducts and flue terminal
  • Check and confirm ventilation requirements
  • Carry out a flue flow test and spillage test if appliance is open flued
  • Check burner gas pressure or heat input against manufacturers data
  • Check all combustion chamber seals for soundness
  • Check stability of appliance and any retaining devices
  • Check the working gas pressure
  • Carry out efficiency test on boiler