Boiler Servicing In Alton

Does your boiler need servicing in Alton?

Just like your car, your boiler requires regular servicing to ensure it’s safe and in full working order. An annual boiler service will pre-empt any problems or disruptions, and ensure that it’s running at maximum levels of efficiency.

Since boilers account for up to 55% of our energy bills, it’s worth making sure they’re in good condition, as a boiler which is working at optimal levels will cost much less and is also less likely to break down.

For boiler servicing in Alton, simply get in touch with Alton Plumbing and Heating Ltd today. Whether you’re a home owner or landlord, our friendly engineers will ensure that everything is working at maximum levels. Whether your boiler has been working hard this winter, or has been suffering problems, our team are more than happy to help.

With our fixed prices, you won’t receive any nasty surprises on your bill.

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