Get Gas Boiler Repairs In Alton

Unfortunately, summer appears to have taken a vacation, and it’s likely your heating has been working overtime this season.

Is your gas boiler in need of repairs in Alton, Hampshire? Boilers are at the heart of every home, so when they break down, it can throw everything into disarray.

Here are some of the most common problems that affect gas boilers:

  1. No heating or hot water. Nothing is worse than getting in your morning shower and finding it’s stone cold. This problem is often because of a broken diaphragm and airlock, or the failure of motorised valves.
  2. Your pilot light has gone out. You can try relighting this yourself, but if you’re not sure, simply call our heating engineers and they can identify the problem.
  3. The boiler is leaking and dripping. This could be caused by a myriad of issues. It’s best to call a reliable heating engineer as soon as possible.
  4. Alarming noises, like banging or gurgling. When a boiler starts sounding like a robot suffering from a fit, it can be extremely worrying.
  5. There are issues with the thermostat, whether it’s losing accuracy or turning the heating off.
  6. Your radiators aren’t getting hot. Nothing is worse than getting home after a cold rainy day and finding your radiators won’t warm up.
  7. The boiler keeps switching itself off.

Whatever your problem in Alton might be, our gas boiler repairs are quick, efficient and cost effective.

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