Plumbing services Alresford

No matter how small or big the job, everyone wants a plumber which they can trust. Unfortunately there are many firms which have a lot of hidden fees and want to charge the earth. Often the best way to find a reputable plumber is to listen to word of mouth.

Now is a fabulous time to get a new boiler installed, or get your old boiler serviced. In the midst of the summer months, when we need our central heating the least, you’re less likely to be inconvenienced by engineers working in your home. Often, during the winter, the bathroom and hot water are the most important facilities in a house.

If you’re looking for reputable service in Alresford, simply head to Alton Plumbing and Heating Ltd.

Based in the market town of Alton, we serve the town, Farnham, Bordon, Alresford and the surrounding areas. We offer a huge variety of services to suit all your plumbing and heating needs. As a Check-a-Trade approved company, we can guarantee you only the finest service and workmanship. If you’re looking to update your old boiler, we install a number of top quality condensing boilers, all of which could save you substantial amounts of money. 10-15% more efficient than older boilers, they are also the most environmentally-sound choice.

We guarantee to be cheaper than British Gas. Get in touch today!