Overview of Solar Heating

Overview of Solar Heating

Domestic Solar Panel Hot Water Heating Systems

My engineers and installers are fully trained and accredited to provide you with a modern, efficient domestic hot water heating system using the latest solar panel technology.

Solar Heating (Credit: Solar Trade Association)

Rising energy costs, nature and environment concerns… solar heating

With the increasing cost of gas and electricity, the decline in traditional energy resources and the constant reminder of global warming, domestic energy conservation is now a high priority.

Solar heating for domestic hot water is the now regarded as a leading green technology and is a viable solution in all parts of the UK. The technology is well developed with a large choice of equipment to suit many situations. Solar water heating systems work alongside your conventional water heating system.

How does solar energy provide domestic hot water heating?

Solar hot water heating (Credit: Solar Trade Association)

In simple terms the sun’s energy is used to heat water in a storage cylinder. The energy collectors are placed on an approximately south facing roof or wall and a fluid is pumped around a sealed system to an indirect heating coil in a hot water cylinder to heat the domestic hot water (very similar to the way a boiler does the same job).

The solar heating works along side your boiler reducing the need for the boiler to heat your domestic hot water. The existing cylinder is exchanged for a cylinder with two heat exchanger coils; one from the boiler in the property and a second from the solar panels.

More details of a typical domestic Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

How effective is solar heating likely to be in the UK?

Solar heating in the UK

The solar panel technology is now well developed and the solar panel collectors absorb energy from the sun even on cloudy days in the UK. The solar thermal technology does not rely on sunlight but on solar radiation so it can work efficiently in our UK climate.

Typically a well designed domestic hot water solar heating system should provide approximately 50% of your domestic hot water heating needs of your home averaged throughout the year. This provides a worthwhile saving in energy costs and is helping the environment.

Solar Heating Grants

Grants are available to help meet the cost of installing domestic solar hot water heating systems