Programmers and Controls

Central Heating Programmers and Controllers

Drayton Central Heating Programmer

I often use ACL Drayton Lifestyle LP Range of programmers and timeswitches. They have a well established reputation for quality and reliability.

They give the option of single or two channel electronic timing with 24 hour, 5/2 day (Weekday/Weekend) or 7 day programmes. They will automatically switch your central heating system and hot water on and off twice a day, at times you choose, with switching times different for central heating and hot water. Extra features can include automatic summer/winter time adjustment.

You can find out more about the Drayton Electronic Programmers on their website.

Better quality controls allowing detailed programming generally mean heating and hot water when you want them and limit wasted heat and hot water.

Wireless Thermostats

A new concept in heating control uses radio technology. This means no wiring, no channeling out walls, no re-decorating.

Intelligent Programmable Thermostats

Clever thermostats can help achieve savings in excess of 10% and reduce C02 emissions, by delaying the start time on milder days, without affecting comfort levels. For more information see the Drayton intelligent programmable thermostats on their website.