Looking for ways to reduce your energy bills this Winter?

Alton Plumbing and Heating offer a range of solutions to make your home as energy efficient as possible. We know good heating and hot water controls will help reduce your fuel bills and environmental effects. Here’s a few of our most effective and popular installations and services:

Condensing Central Heating Boilers are the most energy efficient boilers available. They can be up to 10% to 15% more efficient than a modern conventional boiler and up to 30% more efficient than older boilers so the energy saving and the impact on your fuel bills can be significant. They cost a little more but the extra cost will normally be recovered in fuel savings in 2 to 4 years.

Thermostatic Valves fitted to all your radiators mean that you have ultimate control and conserve energy as radiators are not on if they are not required.

Central Heating Controls and Programmers give you better control of your heating and hot water to limit wasted heat and hot water. New wireless thermostats also means no wires, so no redecorating!

Boiler Servicing. Want to make sure your boiler will keep you and your family warm through the Winter? We offer boiler servicing to give you peace of mind as well as maintenance and repair services as part of our fast, reliable and efficient service at Alton.

The team at Alton Plumbing and Heating can also advise you on the many energy saving schemes available right now which you may be eligible for. Call Rod and the team at Alton Plumbing and Heating today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you.