Swimming Pool Boiler Installation or Replacement

There are a wide variety of ways to heat your swimming pool. From solar power and heat pumps which use the power of the sun and temperature of the air to warm the water, or gas and oil fired boilers which heat your swimming pool with a higher degree of control.

Heating a swimming pool in the most effective manner depends on where you live and how long the swimming season is. Where a solar system may work well in one area, another may require a gas or oil fired boiler. Many swimming pools have dual heating systems where maybe a heat pump or solar panels are used part of the season and a boiler for the remainder.

What size swimming pool boiler is required?

One thing to remember is that bigger is usually better. The big cost is the initial purchase and installation. The cost to upgrade to a bigger heat source is minor in most cases.

The formula for calculating a swimming pool boiler size is surface area x temperature rise x 15. Assuming the lowest outside temperature we will swim at is 60 degrees F and the swimming pool will be heated to 80 degrees, this leads to a 195,000 BTU boiler.

On top of that we have to take into consideration shading, wind and elevation factors.

If space allowed, even better capacity was wanted, swimming at Christmas was considered or for any reason actually, I would have no problem using a larger boiler.

Annual service for swimming pool boilers

Swimming pool boilers need regular inspection and an annual service. It is normally recommended to ensure that they are safe and working efficiently.

  • Gas regulations recommend that a regular schedule of maintenance be carried out on all gas appliances.
  • Boiler manufacturers usually also recommend annual servicing and this often forms part of their guarantee.
  • The homebuyers pack require those details of gas appliance maintenance and repair work history is recorded.
  • Annual gas safety checks are recommended for homeowners.


Don’t waste money and fuel on a poorly maintained or faulty swimming pool boiler, ensure it is serviced annually and kept in good working order.